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Interior Painting

Transform your homes interior. Theres nothing like freshly painted walls. Paint can change your house like no other. New colors can lighten up your home or give it a nice rich exiting and bold color. There are so many amazing colors to choose from. We have vast amount of colors and color schemes to chose from. Our interior painters use the right equipment for the job and use high quality Sherwin Williams paint  in order to ensure consistently a pleasant experience and a beautiful paint job.

Cabinet Refinsihing

Transform your outdated wood stained cabinets into a bright refreshing look that will amaze you.  Your kitchen is by far the most used space in your house. Your cabinets take a beating every day. Our cabinet painting/refinishing system will ensure your cabinets will be able to handle the abuse. The cornerstone of every cabinet job is what is underneath the paint. The prep work and primers used are essential to the paint adhering to the surface. If done incorrectly the will fail every time. It takes time to correctly refinish cabinets. 


Bar none, we strive for excellence. Here is some of our beautiful work:

professionalism/Quality control

We promise to act in a professional manner at all times. We will always leave a clean job site, prep well to insure the paint will adhere and stay.  We will cover and take excellent care of the customers personal items. We recognize how painting disrupts our customers lives. Our priority is keep our customers homes cleaned and organized as we work. We take great pride in our interior/exterior systems insuring a pain free experience for our customers. 


superior customer service

We promise to always put the customer first. Our customers are our life line. They are  the reason for us being in business. We will always strive for excellence with a goal of always leaving our customers smiling. We wiil always be easy to deal with and pleasant to our customers.

superior systems

We are very knowledgeable in the application of paint.  We will never cut corners and use inferior products. We are a premium painting company offering  very high quality painting work. We take great pride in our work. We have seen many substandard paint jobs. Our systems are put into place and are the back bone of our business.


P.O. Box 956784

Duluth, Ga 30095



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